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音樂光碟 --愛恩教會發行,由愛恩詩班獻唱的音樂光碟 CD•



1. 時刻我需要主 I Need Thee Every Hour

2. 至好朋友就是耶穌 What a Friend We Have in Jesus
3. 境遇好歹是主所定 God Will Take Care of You
4. 人人需要主 People Need the Lord
5. 奇異恩典 Amazing Grace
6. 古舊十架 The Old Rugged Cross
7. 真奇妙!真奇妙耶穌 Wonderful, Wonderful Jesus
8. 我曾耐心等候主 I Waited for the Lord
9. 主在看顧雀鳥 His Eye Is on the Sparrow
10. 親像鹿在渴慕溪水 As the Deer
11. 上帝的子兒何等有福 How Blessed Are the Children of God
12. 願主賜福保護你 The Lord Bless You and Keep You

(B). CD-2 至好朋友 WHAT A FRIEND


1. 至好朋友 What a Friend
2. 阿爸天父 Father and Son
3. 救主耶穌萬福本源 Come, Thou Fount
4. 主與我同行 A Pilgrim's Journey
5. 賜福救主 Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us
6. 這是天父世界 The Majesty of Creation
7. 我猶原相信 My Faith Still Holds
8. 主的恩賜 Count Your Blessings
9. 賜福保證 Blessed Assurance
10. 十字架的榮耀 Glory in the Cross
11. 信心與盼望 Faith and Hope
12. 我欣慕你 My Soul Thirsts for God
13. 信靠 Trust
14. 主的榮耀與權能 His Majesty and Power
15. 榮光歸於上帝 To God Be the Glory

(C). CD-3 榮光歸於上帝 TO GOD BE THE GLORY
1. 至聖是祂 Holy Is He
2. 恁之心勿得憂愁 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
3. 何等奇妙神蹟 It Took a Miracle
4. 凱旋讚美詩(英語) Triumphant Hymns
5. 耶穌掌權(英語) Jesus Reigns
6. 獨一之主 God Alone
7. 讚美全能的主 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
8. 感恩之歌 Song of Thanksgiving
9. 賜福保証 Blessed Assurance

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