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(2011 Easter Special Music Presentation. Chinese/English Subtitles)

神劇:「耶穌基督」Op. 35,蕭泰然曲,蕭瑞安詞,許丕龍英語翻譯,愛恩詩班及弦樂團於2011年復活節特別獻詩。附漢英歌詞字幕。Oratorio Jesus Christ Op. 35, Music by Tyzen Hsiao, words by Rui-an Hsiao, English translation by Pi-Long Hsu, special music presentation by EFCI Choir and Orchestra at Easter Sunday Worship Service, on 4/24/2011, with Taiwanese and English lyrics subtitles. 神劇分八章 Eight chapters of the oratorio:
1. 祂是君王 He Is the King; 2. 祂是先知、祭司 He Is the Prophet and the Priest; 3. 僕人耶穌 He Is the Servant; 4. 人子耶穌 He Is the Perfect Man; 5. 道成肉身 The Word Became Flesh; 6. 上帝的羔羊 The Lamb of God; 7. 充滿有恩典和真理 Full of Grace And Truth; 8. 天下別無拯救 There Is No Other Salvation.

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