EFC of Irvine Door Key Application & Rules
愛恩台福基督教會 鑰匙申請辦法 及使用規則

(Implemented 3/20/2007)

  1. 因事工需要在教會非開放時段必須進入教堂, 教室, 或其他設施時,請和所屬團契/小組或事奉負責人連絡,除了責任問題外,亦可減輕教會祕書/幹事或牧師室的負擔。
    If you need to access the church buildings or other church facility during non-office hours, please contact the leader of your fellowship or small group. A leader is responsible for safeguarding the key issued to him or her and the church buildings and facility from unauthorized access. Please do not contact the pastoral office or the church administrators, unless it is absolutely necessary.

  2. 請有經常性需要持有教堂鑰匙的同工 (如牧師,長執,團契/小組或事奉負責人…等),向總務組負責人填表申請。
    A pastor, elder or deacon, leader of a fellowship or a small group who is required by the church ministries to access the church buildings and facility on a regular basis may apply for keys to be issued to them. Please contact the Elder/Deacon in charge for such application.

  3. 鑰匙使用規則:

    1. 此鑰匙擁有權屬於愛恩台福基督教會;
    2. 此鑰匙任何時候愛恩台福基督教會負責的長執可要求繳回;
    3. 假如鑰匙遺失或被竊,申請人有責任即刻通知教會負責的長執;
    4. 申請人願意負責因為沒回報鑰匙遺失或被竊,導致教會所遭受的任何破壞與損失;
    5. 此鑰匙須妥善保管,不可自行移交或交給未經授權的人使用;
    6. 當申請人不再任職於教會事務,此鑰匙必須繳回給愛恩台福基督教會負責管理鑰匙的長執負責人。

    The Door Key Use Rules:

    1. The key(s) is(are) the property of Evangelical Formosan Church of Irvine;
    2. The applicant may be asked to return the key(s) at any time upon request by whomever in charge at the time;
    3. If the key(s) is(are) lost or stolen, it is the applicant's responsibility to report it immediately to the Elder/Deacon in charge;
    4. The applicant will be held accountable for any damages or theft that may occur, if he(she) failed to report the loss of the key;
    5. The key(s) may not be transferred by the applicant to any other person, nor is any other person authorized to use this key at any time;
    6. The key(s) must be returned to Evangelical Formosan Church of Irvine upon termination of the applicant's working relationship with the church or upon request of the church.