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  All EFCI Sunday Messages are recorded.  They are available here and at EFCI Sermons.
  • For sermon files starting 2015, please visit EFCI Sermons (all EFCI congregations)
  • For older files (2007-2012) please visit here.
Available Sunday Sermons for 2013
  1. 1/06/2013, Pr. Arthur Lum, title: Living by Looking Forward, download message here.
  2. 1/20/2013, Pr. Arthur Lum, title: Why We Worship, download message here.
  3. 2/03/2013, Pr. Arthur Lum, title: Worship: Pleasing God, download message here.
  4. 2/17/2013, Pr. Arthur Lum, title: Worship: Resting in the Lord, download message here.
  5. 2/24/2013, K.C. Liu, title: We are Soul Winners!, download message here.
  6. 3/03/2013, Pr. Arthur Lum, title: Membership: Being a Part of God’s Family, download message here.
  7. 3/17/2013, Pr. Arthur Lum, title: Real Family Fellowship, download message here.
  8. 3/24/2013, Pr. Allen Hu, title: Covenant of the Rainbow, download message here.

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